Our services will help you eliminate your debt.

It's hard to be happy with debt hanging over your head. Our associates will offer you expert advice on how to manage burdensome debt once it accumulates. We will also help you avoid further debt by planning wisely.
Under our watchful eye, and by using one the following services, you will learn how to solve your money problems and reduce your debt load, no matter how serious your financial crisis.

Credit and Budget Counselling

Freedom from debt should be among everyone’s most important goals. Our experts can help you balance your budget by reducing living costs and managing money wisely. We can help you find ways to pay off your debt without going through bankruptcy or making a proposal to your creditors (see below). Sometimes a discussion with your lender or bank manager is all that’s needed.

Settlement with your creditors

If you cannot pay off your credit cards or loans, you can sometimes offer creditors a settlement in which they give you more time to pay—or agree to a lower monthly payment.

Proposal to your creditors

This approach sometimes works if you have been unable to get a loan to pay off your debts or if you have enough money at the end of the month to pay some, but not all, of your creditors. A proposal to creditors is a solution in which you pay a portion of your debt through a payment plan. The payment plan is customized to your unique needs and how much you know you can pay.


Sometimes, bankruptcy is the answer to a debt crisis. If, for example, you have suffered a job loss, marital problems or illness your monthly income may not be enough to meet minimum payments on your debts—let alone pay your living expenses. If bankruptcy is the right solution for you, we will guide you through it.

Put an end to your stress.